Buying Guide

Acquiring a property in Cyprus is a simple and straight forward procedure. Your property purchase is likely to be one of the largest investments you make and therefore you should ensure that you have sound legal advice to safeguard your interests.
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We have a team of inhouse legal experts who can assist or advise you on the process

1. Choose your new home from our diverse property portfolio.
2. Assign a lawyer to assist with due diligence and contracts.
3. Sign reservation agreement and pay deposit.
4. Finalise and sign the property sales contract.
5. Lawyer arranges payment of the stamp duty fees and submits the sale agreement to the Land Registry to safeguard your rights as owner.
6. Lawyer submits reduced VAT rate application to the Authorities. (if applicable)
7. If the selected property is at its early stages of development of off-plan you maybe given the option to select the finishing materials and fittings, through an appointment with our customer care department.
8. Payment schedule is agreed based on construction progress or completed if a ready property is chosen.
9. Delivery/finalisation of sale and transfer of ownership is completed by your lawyer.
10. Electricity and water connection. (if property is completed)
11. Title deeds transfered/issued. (on completion of project)
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